"Shalom! I'm so glad you've come to my music website. Maybe you came because you heard me at a concert or church service, a friend was listening to one of my CDs and you liked it, or just dropped in because God guided you here. Welcome!” (Rebecca, July 2016)

 Rebecca's music transcends boundaries and builds bridges between old and new Christian music genres. The words are original and fresh, and the melodies are somehow nostalgic. Her eclectic style has nuances of classical, blues, country, jazz, soul, and southern gospel, and includes forays into contemporary Christian, ballad, folk, easy listening, praise and worship, patriotic, Christmas, and new arrangements of traditional hymns. There is something in Rebecca's music for every audience -- regardless of age, social position or cultural background. Always harmonious and uplifting, never disonant or raucus, her music has the rare ability to bring peace, rest, and healing to our all-too-often frenetic lives. Rebecca's goal goes far beyond the simple production of music or mere entertainment. What separates it is its ability to reach the soul of the hearer. Her beautiful artistry masterfully catches the ear, for "If the ears listen... THE HEART WILL HEAR"! Her heart's desire is, in her own words, "to woo the wandering soul of humanity into the presence of He Whom to know is LIFE! God has given me a song... so, I want to use it to sing them home!"

 Rebecca's music career began early as the youngest member of "The Robins Family," also known as The New Life Crusaders." She began singing solos for church services and revival meetings when only one year old. Touring with her family set the stage for a life-long love of music that ministers the love of Christ to others. Able to play several instruments, she eventually chose to focus on the piano as her "mastery instrument."

 Experienced in the field of Praise and Worship, one of her favorite things is to teach and perform "Interpretive Worship", which is a blend of basic sign language and "living out" a song as it is unfolding. Once learned, worshipers suddenly find they are bodily expressing their deepest love and devotion, their exuberant praise or their most humble worship. She also has been an interpreter for the hearing impaired for over 20 years, and naturally incorporates this into most of her live performances.

 Rebecca's repertoire includes specific material for many themes such as Christmas and other holidays, patriotic events, weddings, home-goings, and children's events. She also writes original songs for specific occasions. Her talent and technical expertise extend into the graphic arts, author and poet, playwright/director, studio engineer, accompanist, concert pianist, and choir director.

 Rebecca is also active outside the music industry as a fitness instructor, interpreter for the hearing impaired, and Israel tour coordinator/director. Her husband Thad is a Master Boot Maker and Western Cowboy Music singer, and her two sons are both published authors. Her only daughter Honey Joy died while serving in overseas missions, and is a continuing inspiration in Rebecca's life and music.

 Rebecca is available for concerts, seminars, guided tours of Israel, accompanist engagements for touring performers, studio sessions, patriotic celebrations and other seasonal events. For booking information and availability, please contact Rebecca through the Contact Us page of this website.